Due to high water temperatures, low flows, and reduced oxygen in the water, fish in the river are under extreme stress. Additional stress from fishing, catching, handling, releasing, and wading may result in the onset of disease and/or fish mortality.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking for your cooperation in a VOLUNTARY FISHING CLOSURE from 2pm to Midnight.

Please consider fishing at higher elevation lakes and streams where environmental factors are much less severe.

If you must fish:

  • Do not play fish to exhaustion
  • Do not remove the fish from the water while releasing it
  • Fish early in the day when water temperatures are cooler

If current conditions persist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife may consider a mandatory fishing closure to preserve the fishery resource. Remember, this is a resource we want to preserve and protect for the long term – not just this summer!

For more information, please contact Glenwood Springs CPW at 970-947-2920 or Eagle River Watershed Council at 970-827-5406.

Eagle River Watershed Council has a mission to advocate for the health and conservation of the Upper Colorado and Eagle River basins through research, education, and projects. To learn more, call (970) 827-5406 or visit www.erwc.org.