Community Education

Our community is inextricably connected to the Eagle River watershed through economic, recreational, and aesthetic ties. For this reason, we at the Watershed Council believe that everyone in this valley, residents and visitors alike, should have access to a basic understanding of our local rivers and streams.

River Guide Education ProgramWe recognize that river guides have a unique opportunity to connect with the visiting population and act as ambassadors for our watershed. Whether fly fishing, rafting, kayaking, or stand-up paddling, consistent client contact gives guides the chance to educate individuals who otherwise might not have access to such information.

“The River Guide Education Program is very beneficial. We have a lot of families and children on our tours. If we can pass on this information while they’re out having a good time on the river, that sticks with them and they carry it forward.”
-Greg Kelchner, owner Timberline Tours

We have partnered with Eagle County Open Space and Town of Vail to use this River Guide Educational Program as a way to teach the teachers. Through this free, convenient certification process, guides are introduced to the Eagle River Watershed and its history, water law and policy, an overview of the Colorado River, threats to our waterways, and a look at local flora and fauna.

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Join the River Guide Education Program! If you are interested in learning more or want to get your shop involved in 2020, please contact us at