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Our community is inextricably connected to the Eagle River watershed through economic, recreational, and aesthetic ties. But as the population of Eagle County and Colorado at-large grows, so will the tension on water supplies and water quality. People are moving to Colorado in droves to gain access to our lifestyle of skiing, rafting, hiking, fly-fishing, and connecting with the outdoors – but with that comes increased water consumption and an increase in water pollution risks.  Many of us care deeply about our watersheds, showing concern, dedication and understanding to the vital role water plays in all that we do.

Through our Watershed Wednesday education series, we hope to keep our community apprised of current water topics and issues, and curate a deeper connection to our watershed. The Watershed Council’s monthly newsletter, The Current, is another great way for our supporters to stay up-to-date on water issues in Eagle County, across the state, and around the West. The Current also shares upcoming events, projects and other happenings surrounding the rivers we call home. We strive to inspire a community of informed advocates for the waterways that figure so prominently in our everyday lives.