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EducationEagle River Watershed Council strives to take “a proactive approach to education and conservation” and to do so, we stress the importance of hands-on, place-based learning here in Eagle County. The Watershed Council’s educational programming includes in-school presentations and activities. We are also very fortunate to be able to utilize our restoration projects, which often double as practical, outdoor classrooms. We take classes out on the river for first-hand observation, hands-on sampling & testing, as well as service learning projects.

We take pride in our versatile approach to watershed education. Our lessons cover topics including but not limited to general watershed composition & health; water law & water policy; water chemistry; riparian flora & fauna; water resources around the West; water history; wetlands; water quality & threats to our waterways.Below you will find an inventory of the lessons we teach and the ways in which they reinforce standards set by the Colorado Department of Education.

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For quick & easy reference, we have compiled the standards for all grade levels: science standards & social studies standards.

We understand that classrooms are dynamic and creative places. We are thus happy to incorporate any of these topics into a lesson plan that builds upon and works within your curriculum.

Many thanks to our partner schools:


For more information & to get involved with our Watershed Ed program, please email outreach@erwc.org or call (970) 827-5406.

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