Where in the Watershed is a program created to share how to utilize our watershed as a place to adventure and as a place to learn.

While we do encourage you to get outside and experience the watershed, we encourage you to do so responsibly. Resources must be focused on COVID-19 rather than backcountry rescue. Get out there and explore, but do so at a level that is safe for you

This program complements The Role of the River, which is programming in the form of a weekly Watershed Wednesday series that features a new hike each week with educational content. It will incorporate historically-significant, watershed-relevant locations located with macro-level educational topics.

Every Thursday, one hike will be featured on YouTube with a deep dive into what makes it a noteworthy place in our watershed!

Our 970-square mile watershed is here for us – to keep us healthy and provide a place for us to enjoy the beauty around us – no matter what else is going on in the world.

Sylvan Lake State Park

Sylvan Lake State Park offers an abundance of activity along with rich history! From ice fishing to nordic skiing, there’s something for everyone in this expansive park.   

Nestled into the White River National Forest at 8,500 feet, this 1,500-acre park features a 42-acre reservoir and one of only 40 historic, one-room schoolhouse in Colorado.   

Find solitude throughout this park and enjoy this protected space in our watershed in any season! 

Lionshead Rock

Lionshead rock looks different now than it did a few years ago, as the iconic ‘Lionshead’ took a bit of a tumble. Nonetheless, this hike is accessible year-round and provides expansive and humbling views of our watershed.

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Brush Creek Open Space

Spaces like this one, meant to permanently protect an area, are vital to the health of rivers. Having buffer zones allows for water to be filtered through the ground before it enters the rivers, enhancing the run-off rate. These buffers also provide essential habitat for all types of wildlife, from migrating birds to herds of elk.

Get out there, explore this open space and see what wildlife is calling it home! 

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