EAGLE COUNTY–Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Eagle River Watershed Council, and the Eagle River Valley angling community are asking for your voluntary participation in protecting our world-class fisheries.

The 2018 fishing season in the Eagle River and Upper Colorado watersheds is in full swing and fishing is good with prolific insect hatches. Currently, the Eagle and Upper Colorado are experiencing unusually low flows and high water temperatures. As a result, resource managers, non-profits and fly fishing industry professionals are leading a voluntary high river temperature alert effective immediately. As a best practice under these conditions, please stop fishing by 2 PM daily.

Water temperatures in local streams and rivers are highest in the late afternoon and evening. When these temperatures approach 70 degrees Fahrenheit, fish are less active and more prone to stress. Anglers are advised to carry a thermometer to know water temperatures throughout the summer. Fish should always be handled with extreme care and should not be brought out of the water once temperatures reach 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Anglers are advised to fish higher elevation lakes and streams where waters are cooler. All anglers are encouraged to wrap up their trips by early afternoon as many local commercial guides and outfitters intend to comply by reeling in and ending trips by 2PM.

Colorado State Agencies and local industry groups will vigilantly monitor our aquatic environments and meet weekly to assess fishery stressors. In the event conditions worsen, Colorado Parks and Wildlife may initiate voluntary fishing closures and may also consider mandatory emergency closures in relation to high temperature, low flows, and low dissolved oxygen as identified in Colorado’s Wildlife regulations.

More information on current conditions, low-impact fishing methods and fish handling, and where to find fish friendly settings can be obtained at all area fly shops. For more information call (970) 827-5406 or email info@erwc.org.

Eagle River Watershed Council has a mission to advocate for the health and conservation of the Upper Colorado and Eagle River basins through research, education, and projects. To learn more, call (970) 827-5406 or visit www.erwc.org.