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Colorado River Restoration & Conservation Project

Colorado River Restoration & Conservation ProjectThe Colorado River Restoration & Conservation Project (CRRCP) is focused on identifying and implementing restoration and conservation projects on the Upper Colorado River reach in Eagle County. The Eagle River Watershed Council is working in conjunction with the Colorado State University Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering to complete this exciting, multi-year endeavor. Read More

Eagle River Watershed Plan

The first Eagle River Watershed Plan has sections on water quality, water quantity, wildlife, recreation, and land-use. It provides information, goals, strategies, and action items related to water and land management practices in the Eagle River drainage basin. Read More

Edwards Eagle River Restoration Project

Edwards Eagle River Restoration ProjectThe Edwards Eagle River Restoration entire project site is roughly 1.6 miles long covering an area of 168 acres. The project site begins about one-half mile downstream of the Edwards bridge and ends at the Hillcrest Drive bridge. Restoration, enhancement and protection is proposed on both north and south banks, in the river channel as well as within the floodplain. Read More