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The first Eagle River Watershed Plan was drafted in 1996. The Plan had section, and action items related to water and land management practices in the Eagle River drainage basin.

Interestingly, the 1996 Plan recommended the creation of a watershed group to coordinate stakeholders and make sure that the recommended actions in the Plan would be implemented- and championed by a single group. That recommendation led to the founding of Eagle River Watershed Council.

In 2012, Eagle River Watershed Council began working with Eagle County to update the 1996 plan. The 2013 Eagle River Watershed Plan is organized into the same sections as in the 1996 Plan, with the important addition of a Colorado River section. Eagle County adopted the 2013 Eagle River Watershed Plan in May 2013. It updates and replaces the 1996 version and includes and great deal of new information.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Watersheds in Eagle County is of:

  • A network of clear mountain streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs that provide good quality water in ample quantity to sustain a healthy aquatic environment and fish population, and dependable water supplies for efficient and conscientious use by humans;
  • Open space and native greenbelts along rivers and streams that buffer waterways from human land use impacts, preserve the riparian areas that provide critical wildlife habitat and enhance scenic vistas;
  • Land uses arranged and managed in a manner that respects the function of riparian and aquatic ecosystems and complements the scenic character of the waterways;
  • Appropriate, non-disruptive and well-designed access points to rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs for passive and active recreation;
  • An appreciation and respect from well-informed residents and guests of the watershed for the extraordinary environmental, social and economic resource that it represents – a resource that is shared by all.