Eagle River Watershed Council supports the collection of data on our watershed’s streams, which guides our other projects and programs. To learn more about our data collection, read on.

Eagle Mine Superfund Site Monitoring

Eagle Mine Superfund Site MonitoringThe Eagle Mine is designated as one of Colorado’s “Superfund” hazardous waste sites. The Eagle Mine is located in Eagle County between the towns of Minturn and Red Cliff. Discharge from the mine works and from surrounding waste rock piles contributes to water quality impairments in the Eagle River and is largely the impetus for ongoing cleanup efforts in the area. Read More

Eagle River Inventory & Assessment

Eagle River Inventory & AssessmentCompleted in 2005, the Eagle River Inventory & Assessment (ERIA), identifies potential sites along the Eagle River in need of restoration and conservation work. In March of 2003, Eagle River Watershed Council began this comprehensive assessment of our river system in order to effectively prioritize our restoration efforts and resources. Colorado State University Departments of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences took on the technical aspects of the project. The cooperative effort involved natural resource agencies, local governments, outfitters and guides and citizens actively interested in land and water resources. A wide variety of input from across the valley was very important to the success of the project. Read More

Gore Creek Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP)

Gore Creek Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP)The Gore Creek Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) seeks to address issues of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability – specifically, stewardship of Eagle County’s rivers and creeks and the use and management of the land abutting these waterways. Effective water resource management requires an integrative and collaborative watershed-based approach that engages a broad array of perspectives, including water supply and wastewater providers, economic, government, recreation, and environmental interests. Read More

River Watch of Colorado

River Watch of ColoradoThe Watershed Council is proud to participate in River Watch, the statewide volunteer water quality monitoring program operated by the non profit 501(c)3 Colorado Watershed Assembly in cooperation with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. River Watch involves school groups, individuals and watershed organizations from around the state, with over 600,000 individuals volunteering their time at more than 3,000 monitoring stations along our 300 rivers. Read More

Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment (WQMAP)

Water Quality Monitoring & AssessmentThe Eagle River Watershed Monitoring & Assessment Program (WQMAP) is an important, long-term collaborative effort to understand, protect and improve water quality, water quantity, and biological health in the Eagle River Watershed. The goal of the Monitoring & Assessment Program is to provide ongoing water quality monitoring, engender science-based decision making and foster collaborative action to preserve or enhance the integrity of the watershed. Read More