Eagle River Inventory & Assessment

2005 Board member, Timm Paxson, makes adjustments to a temperature logger in the Eagle River.

2005 Board member, Timm Paxson, makes adjustments to a temperature logger in the Eagle River.

Completed in 2005, the Eagle River Inventory & Assessment (ERIA), identifies potential sites along the Eagle River in need of restoration and conservation work. In March of 2003, the Eagle River Watershed Council began this comprehensive assessment of our river system in order to effectively prioritize our restoration efforts and resources. Colorado State University Departments of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences took on the technical aspects of the project. The cooperative effort involved natural resource agencies, local governments, outfitters and guides and citizens actively interested in land and water resources. A wide variety of input from across the valley was very important to the success of the project.

The ERIA report was published in 2005. This science-based inventory of the condition of our rivers identified priority areas for restoration efforts. The ERIA continues to serve as the primary document guiding the ERWC’s efforts on the Eagle River today. The document provides a roadmap for our efforts to restore damaged habitat, enhance low impact recreation access, and preserve critical riparian parcels throughout our valley. From the headwaters of the Eagle River on Tennessee Pass to the confluence with the Colorado River, the ERIA offers guidance for restoration and conservation projects that provide the maximum ecological and social benefits for the environment and the community.

The ERIA is an important tool for decision makers to ensure our limited financial resources will be spent in the areas of greatest ecological priority combined with the strongest community support. Download a copy of the full report here.

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