Eagle River–Community Water Plan (ER-CWP)

The Eagle River Community Water Plan (ER-CWP) will develop proactive water management recommendations that anticipate changes to local hydrology due to 1) population growth and increasing municipal demand for water in Eagle County, 2) climate change, and 3) projects related to the Eagle River MOU (ERMOU), an intergovernmental agreement for developing municipal water supplies in the upper Eagle River watershed.

The ER-CWP will be developed through a stakeholder process with local conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, recreational users, ERMOU partners, commercial fishing/rafting guides, local municipalities, agriculture, and other local stakeholders to develop strategies that can respond to these changes in a way that meets municipal demands, while also maintaining and improving ecological attributes in the Eagle River watershed.

The ER-CWP will integrate both consumptive and non-consumptive water uses to ensure that all existing and future uses are considered. The ER-CWP will safeguard the interests of the community and extended stakeholders, which include the environmental and recreational use needs. ERWC will provide the opportunity for all interested parties to participate and will educate the community so that the results of this plan are accepted as a fair and reasonable approach to managing our precious water resources.

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