River Watch of ColoradoThe Watershed Council is proud to participate in River Watch, the statewide volunteer water quality monitoring program operated by the non profit 501(c)3 Colorado Watershed Assembly in cooperation with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. River Watch involves school groups, individuals and watershed organizations from around the state, with over 600,000 individuals volunteering their time at more than 3,000 monitoring stations along our 300 rivers. The goals of the River Watch program are “first, to provide a hands-on experience for individuals to understand the value and function of the river ecosystem; and second, to collect quality aquatic ecosystem data over space and time to be used for the Clean Water Act and other water quality decision-making processes.”


The Watershed Council works in conjunction with the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District to capture this information along the Eagle River. Each month, Watershed Council board members and staff collect water samples from three sites along the Eagle River below the Eagle Mine and above Minturn. This area is of particular importance as it helps to inform the EPA’s Superfund cleanup effort of the mine. Our tests include dissolved oxygen content, hardness, alkalinity, pH and the concentrations of various metals. Plus, we have a great time doing it! What could be better than spending a day on the river?

*We are now accepting long-term, dedicated volunteers to be a part of River Watch! Call our office or email dilzell@erwc.org to learn more!*