Charitable giving to the Eagle River Watershed Council allows you to make a tangible difference in Eagle County by helping the ERWC to advocate for the health and conservation of our rivers and streams. ERWC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your gift may provide you with valuable tax deductions. Please consult your tax advisor or a financial professional before making any charitable gift.

Colorado Gives Day

Donate ButtonThe simplest way to support ERWC is to give online, and with the help of Colorado Gives Day, it is now the most effective! Colorado Gives Day is a 24-hour event starting at 12 a.m. on Tuesday, December 10th, giving individuals a platform through which they can make informed and meaningful contributions to charities around the state. There are no third-party processing fees on Colorado Gives Day, so that means that100% of your donation will go straight to the great work of the ERWC. Click on the Colorado Gives Day logo above to schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day!

Matching Gifts

Maximize the impact of your donation when your employer matches your charitable contributions.

Business Sponsorship

ERWC has many opportunities for business sponsorship of our events and projects throughout the year. We also welcome in-kind donations of goods and services. Read more about opportunities for event sponsorship on individual event pages, or contact us for more information.

Our Supporters

We are able to advocate for the health and conservation of our local rivers and streams thanks to the gifts from our supporters. A list of our most recent supporters is included in our Annual Report.