Vail Valley Partnership Member Minute

Holly Loff, Eagle River Watershed Council’s executive director, takes a moment to share about the core mission of the organization. Thanks to Capture The Action for helping to produce this short video!

Heart of Vail

“Heart of Vail” was a collaboration between Eagle River Watershed Council, Public Access TV5 and The Forest & Frances Lattner Foundation. This short film focuses on threats to Gore Creek and the solutions that are currently underway.

Edwards Restoration Project

The Watershed Council collaborated with Public Access TV 5 to produce this wonderful video highlighting the successful Edwards Eagle River Restoration Project! Illustrative before & after footage, great music, & some wildlife shots make this an excellent way to wrap up the project!

Events, Projects, and Future Plans

Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry sat down with ERWC Executive Director Holly Loff and Kate Burchenal, Outreach & Education Coordinator, to discuss our events, projects and future plans.

Bottled Water

Former ERWC Executive Director Melissa Macdonald and Kristen Bertuglia discuss Bottled Water and the new film Tapped.

Health of the Colorado River

Scott Conklin discusses the Colorado River’s Health and the risk of taking too much water out.

Edwards Eagle River Restoration

Former ERWC Executive Director Melissa Macdonald and Brian Deem disuss the Edwards Eagle River Restoration project.

Health of the Eagle River

Eagle River Watershed Council discusses the Health of the Eagle River.

Ice Chopping and Fish Sampling

Adam Bybliw and Scott Conklin discuss Spring projects on the Eagle River.

Golf Courses and Water Quality

Former ERWC Executive Director Melissa Macdonald and Steve Sorro discuss the efforts of the local Golf Courses to ensure water quality and sustainability.